Beach Yoga

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Class Type

Beach Vinyasa Flow 

Class is on the beach so expect to get a bit sandy. Bring a beach towel if you prefer. Yoga mats not necessary.

This vinyasa class guides you through a continuos flow of poses, matching movement with breath. It is ideal for beginners to advanced yogis.

As with all yoga classes, it begins with a calming and centering introduction, slowly building up to more heated poses, and finishing with a relaxing savasana meditation.

It's guaranteed to leave your mind and body in a blissful state.

Benefits of Private Beach Yoga Classes

1. Sound of the waves, sunrise on the beach, optional ocean dip after class - too good.

2. Private classes mean you're getting personal attention to learn the positions. We go at your pace and we can modify positions depending on how each pose feels for your body.

3. The sand is an excellent prop. Dig in to stabilise on balance poses, avoid tension on the wrists in down dog with angled hand grounding, cushion your knees for table top poses, and build a supportive sand bed for the best savasana of your life.


About the Instructor

Julie Miller -  YTT 200


Julie has been practicing yoga for over a decade. After she completed her YTT in 2018, she paired her love for the beach with her love for yoga by offering beach yoga sessions to friends and neighbours. 

Julie has taught private classes on the beaches of California, in private homes, and most recently, on the beaches of her favourite home, Newport NSW.

Julie has also taken a course and taught aerial yoga. She highly recommends giving that a try if you love a good hammock swing and adventure. Message for details if you'd like to give it a try.

When she's not teaching beach yoga, you can find Julie spearfishing, gardening, surfing or painting around the Northern Beaches. 


Open to discussion, call or text and we'll pick a time that suits your schedule.


Newport NSW

Most classes will be held on the sand by Bert Payne Park. Or in the case of inclement weather, in my home studio across from the South Newport Oval. 

Namaste Free Yoga Classes

Send a text or drop an email to book your class:

0481 205 747