Have something in mind?

Commissioned Paintings

Working with an artist for a custom paintings is truly something special.

Once a year, I open a certain number of commissioned paintings depending on my schedule and work load.

As of today, I am almost at capacity. Please email namafreeinfo@gmail.com with a few photos of your desired scene as soon as possible and I will take a look and determine if this would be a good fit. If it works on both ends, we'll get your painting on the schedule.

Your painting can be any custom size on almost any surface area.

If your project is accepted, this sought after opportunity is offered at $500-$4,500 a piece. Prices vary based on size and level of difficulty. 

Thank you for your interest in a custom piece of art that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Custom Shirt Designs 

Namaste Free is happy to work with you to create a shirt design for businesses, fundraisers, bachelor/bachelorettes, sport teams, etc.

Order in bulk or individually. 

Email namafreeinfo@gmail.com with your basic needs and we'll start the conversation.