Julie Miller

I'm a lot of things, but mostly, I'm an artist. 

Two things I've learned about life through art: 

1. You can't force things. Anytime I try to force a painting, things get ugly. The time and space has to feel right before I can even set up my easel and paints - same goes with life.   

2. You have to keep going. I don't love how my paintings look at every stage. But if I don't keep the brush moving, it'll always look like something I don't want. Eventually, when you know what you're working towards and you keep at it, it all comes together - same with life.


Newport, NSW, Australia

International Shipping rates are currently around $300 for original paintings (includes dismantling + shipping + re-stretching onto frame). Ordering a print of an original is a more cost-effective option for international shipments and can be made available upon request.